Football is not a matter of life or death, it is more important than that
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“Football is not a matter of life or death, it is more important than that”, and yes Mr. Shankley I fully concur. Football is life, football is my religion, my addiction. And if football is life, then Arsenal is my religion, Ashburton Grove my cathedral, and Denis Berkgamp my God.
So if you are a fan of any other team them yes I am bias, my views are those coming from my perspective and that is just one of the beauties of the beautiful game. They say football is a game of opinions and I like every fan has his. On these pages I will try and express mine, some you will concur with and some you will really disagree with, but this is my website, my name on it, and so this is my space.

For me football is every emotion, it touches people like nothing else on earth, it brings people together like nothing else, even fans of opposing teams, can sometimes, share all the joys and pains of this wonderful sport. Many years ago I remember having a long debate with my Mum, an Aston Villa supporter, about the importance of football. Okay so my views are more extreame than hers were, and yes she believed I was bonkers, but I think she got the point that I made, and that was, what else unites people, what else has stopped wars, what else lifts you up, shakes you about and trills you like football. Just love it.

On this section of, I have pages on a number of football clubs, those I like, those I respect, and even a few I dislike, and various other sections, I hope you enjoy them.

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