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World Cup 2010

South Africa 2010

As I write this there is a bit over a year to go to the start of the 2010 football World Cup. Every four years we get a festival of football played out over a number of weeks and for me, it is just pure indulgence. I love it.

With a world cup there are certain guarantees, you will get drama, you will get moments that live in the memory forever, you will get stars born before your eyes, you will get great comic moments, you will get controversy, you will get conflict of loyalty as your club stars battle it out against each other, and you will get that one game that you watch that you really wish you had not bothered.

Of course this time round we also get the added colour and spice of football in the African continent. And yes I do think that it will make a difference to the whole occasion and that it will add something we have not seen before. I do have my reservations about the choice of an African nation to host the competition, but I am really looking forward to being proved wrong. I do think however that things like the heat, the sunshine, and the atmosphere with be factors in the overall outcome. And I do think it will be one of those carnival type events, loaded in colour.

At the time of writing no one has yet made it to the finals, no one has yet qualified. So to make a prediction as to who will win the whole thing is a little silly, however I like silly. For me I think the winner will not come from Africa, and despite the power of the European nations, I think the environment of South Africa lends itself to the winner coming from South America, so for me, I am picking Brazil, and Kaka, to be the samba stars of SA2010.

I do also hope that my home nations make it to SA2010, Ireland currently sit second, and maybe they will have to go via a play-off to actually make the finals, Northern Ireland are fighting like crazy and currently sit top of their group, but I have a feeling they may also have to go via a play-off, Scotland and Wales I feel have little hope, and England already look right on course with 5 wins from 5. So let’s hope that at least two make it, and if it is three then great, because a world cup without one home nation is never as exciting.

And yes I promise that before the start I will stick my neck out and make a whole series of predictions, including the final four, the surprise teams and the top players to watch out for. However what I will say, even at this point in the game, is that the South African 2010 Football World Cup will be like no other ever seen before, that much is for sure.


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