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Work Review

Work Review

My working year has been quite a mixed bag, some real highlights, one absolute downturn, and a bag full of mixed emotions. The down side to work in 2008 was my short time at the Regency. I made a real mistake in going there, but also they made a real mistake in taking me. It was never going to work out, it was never right. But a wise man once said “he who really thinks, learns as much from failure as from success”, and that is just so true. I learned a vast amount from the Regency, but even so, I regret going there so dam much.

The working highlight was the successes of my time at HPTH, the results in June and July, the progression of certain people, the way the place moved forward, and the relationships build and ever-lasting from that time. Yes it was hard, yes it was frustrating, yes there were some who did all they could to mess me about, yes there were those who lied to me, but all in all, the people I worked with were without question or hesitation good people to work with. And I do regret leaving them.

As I type this I have no real idea what the future holds for me, 2009 I hope will be a better year, it could however of course still be a whole lot worse, but there are some possible opportunities and I know that when the world gets back to work after the holidays I will have to really hustle to open the opportunity I crave. But one thing I did learn from my time at the Regency this year is that I must establish the truth from my employer before I start and I must look after my own position better that I did. By nature I am a trusting man, but I have to be responsible, and look after me, so this time I must ask the questions before I start. No more being lied too.

As is always the way with me, I have had the work dreams, the ideas for a business, the wonders of doing something totally different, and as usual they are now consigned to the “maybe, one day” box in the back of my mind. But one of them will in 2009 at least start to open up, maybe, almost certainly, it will never be a fully supporting revenue stream, but perhaps by this time next year, it will be at the very least an acorn, and we all know what can grow out of one of those.

The other aspect of work for me in 2008 is the time I have spent doing interviews. The highs and lows of that procedure. People talking like the job is in the bag only for it to disappear without explanation, the weird questions that people ask, the wonderful and interesting people you meet along the way, the strange people too, being on interview and looking for the right job is a strange emotional rollercoaster, and not one I want to ride for much longer.

So in conclusion, 2008 was a year possible best forgotten, it was not one of my best, it was not one of my most enjoyable, it was the worst of times, it was also the best of times. I learned quite a lot from it, but that is only useful if and when I can utilise that learning. So in truth I really can not wait for 09 and really will relish whatever comes next.


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