Football is not a matter of life or death, it is more important than that


Why the Arsenal? Well in the most simplistic way the answer is George Armstrong, he was an Arsenal legend back in the day, a winger of wonder, the little guy who just made things happen, the provided of magic, and back home in Ireland, watching on an old black and white TV, he stood out, head and shoulders above all else.

My Dad was a Crystal Palace supported, with a soft spot for West Ham, my brother Shane was Leeds, and my Mum grew up supporting the Villa, she was hard-core!, so it certainly was not a family thing. I just remember watching Match of the Day, being asked the question, put on the spot, and had to make a choice that would impact on my entire life. There and then I was Arsenal.

Over the years I have that choice has never once been regretted or questioned. It has always seemed the perfect choice. ” The Arsenal way” makes sense to me, and although I, and everyone else, can never explain it, I do understand it. Somewhere deep in my heart I know exactly what it means and I like it, I relate to it.

Yes over the years hero’s have come and gone, Brady, Bergkamp, Rocastle, new hero’s will emerge, but regardless of them all, I am Arsenal, I am who I am because of those little men in red & white, I am Arsenal because of Highbury, the Marble halls, Bertie, George, Bruce, Arsène, Terry and Don, the Hill Woods, and Dein, the history, the good times and the bad, I am Arsenal because as a little boy I was asked to pick and I was picked by them.

It is fate, it was always going to be that way, even before I knew it. Arsenal is life, Arsenal is my life.


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