And in the end it is not the years in your life that counts, it is the life in your years

Who Am I

Like any of us, the question of who we are, of “finding ourselves”, is one that we think about so much. Some lucky people go through life and don’t give it one seconds thought, others go to the real extreme and travel the world in a never ending quest. But for me my approach is a bit more simple.

Ask me the question and I will give you my answer. "Who I am" is like the answers, it is right at the exact moment of the question, for who I am differs, it changes, it shifts. One way of putting it is I evolve. I am someone very open to change, to experience, open minded, I want to ask the question and I do so to find the answers, but I know that the answers are sometimes different if you ask someone else, or ask in a different way, and I like that.

So here on the site, by way of trying to perhaps explain who I am, I have done a series of questions, and more will follow. I hope it gives the reader different views of who I am, and of how I am constructed. I get sent quizes and questions from friends and they are now helping to build this part of my site, My Chav quiz, or the Orange "I am who I am", but right now my favourite is the 50 before 50 list, I hope it inspires you too.

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