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What Others Think

When I built I did it for a couple of reasons, the first was in memory of my dad, let me explain. When my dad, Patrick Kavanagh was alive he kept and built up a form of scrapbooks, cuttings, drawings, pictures, things that had in some way interested him, impacted on him, affected him, they are a form of time capsule, a bit of history, the history of one man, a great man, and they are a wonderful read, so this website is my modern day version of that. The things on this site are my bit of history, my view of the world at these moments in time.

The other reason for building was so I could have my say on the world, on the issues that effect me, impact on me and shape the man I am. Sure some times I veer off and do something very obscure but that is the point, I can do whatever I think of on here, because it is mine.

It is easy to fill the site with my thoughts, with what I think I am, but the other night I wondered to myself just what others thought of me, so here is the chance for them, if they want, to say just exactly what they think of me. I will publish, without editing, whatever my friends, colleagues, acquaintances, enemies have to say, if they take the time to answer the questions listed below then that is only fair.   

So if you have an opinion, cut and paste the questions, answer them honestly, and email them to me. And I will post them up. Thank you.......

Paul Kavanagh

What do you really think questionnaire?

  1. Do you have a story about Paul Kavanagh?
  2. What are Paul Kavanagh’s best 3 qualities?
  3. What are Paul Kavanagh’s worst 3 qualities?
  4. Has Paul Kavanagh ever made you smile? Please explain
  5. Say what you think Paul Kavanagh could do better in his life?
  6. Have you ever eaten Paul Kavanagh’s cooking? Was it any good?
  7. What was it like working with Paul Kavanagh?
  8. Has Paul Kavanagh ever taught you anything? What?
  9. If Paul Kavanagh ruled the world, would you want to live in that world?
  10. Is this the silliest thing on Paul Kavanagh’s website? Why?
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