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Arsenal Two games in:

I wrote on here how I felt that Arsenal would and could have a decent season this year. That while I and just about every other fan would love to see a new player join us but if it did not happen we would still be fine without. And I still hold that view. But my word, what a shocker that performance was on Saturday, against Fulham. I am not sure I have ever seen them all play so badly. It was not just the collective bad performance, but individually each one was either below expectations, or just simply awful.

Mr Wenger says he won’t be rushed into a “panic” buy, and to that I say fair enough. But he also said we would have at least one signing before the Champions league game and if that was Silvestre, then I am amazed. Did he really know about him as early as the week before last, and more importantly, does he really believe he is the man to replace just those who have gone. Mikael is no Helb, Flam-boy, Gilberto, nor is he the holding midfielder we all know we really need. But yes he can add a little old-head experience, yes he can cover for Gael, yes we can now allow Armand go and get a few games to build him up, and yes he may even be better that Senderos, but he is no answer to the problem.

The one that I most want is Yaya, Kolo’s little brother. He fits the bill in every way possible. He plays the position, he has experience, he is a big strong presence, Kolo would love it, and yet he is still quite young. That for me would be £12million really well spent. However the one that got away is for me the real surprise, how did Arsène miss Vincent Kompany, how did we let him end up at Man City, that to me is just careless. And what happens in his first game for City, he plays the holding role, and plays it dam well.

So after just one week, can we still win the league, we have as much chance as we had before it started. Can we win something this season, yes of course we can, nothing has changed. Do we still need a signing to boost a gap in the overall set up, yes we dam well do. But here is where perhaps I differ, because I think week one has shown us that what we really need is not a holding midfielder, but the best Director of Football, or MD available. Arsène needs the proper support of the board, and weather that means Karen Brady, David Dein or Brain Barwick, we need someone.

I love football, it’s such a funny old game....

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