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Top10 Top 10

The world wide web is a vast array of information and one thing that is also in abundance is lists and lists of lists, so I think to myself, well if it is good for other sites then it is okay for my little website Now another thing that you can find plenty of is Top10 Lists and so here is my list of my Top10 lists.

  1. Top 10 Arsenal Players
  2. Top 10 Hero’s
  3. Top 10 Quotes
  4. Top 10 Albums
  5. Top 10 Countres been to
  6. Top 10 Cities been to
  7. Top 10 words
  8. Top 10 April fools jokes
  9. Top 10 Films
  10. My London Top 10's

Of course and it has to be, my number 1 of my top10 list of my other Top10’s is my Top10 of Arsenal players. After all Arsenal is not only the number 1 thing on this list but it is also the number 1 thing in my life.

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