One kind word can warm many winters months

Top 10 words

Top 10 words

1.      Xenodocheionology   

        love of hotels” I really loved it when I found this word and have now used it a number of very relevant times  

2.      Fabrefaction



“act of fashioning or making a work of art”

The sculptor felt that fabrefaction was more important than the end result.


3.      Xenophilia   love of foreigners


4.      Ideation  Making an idea happen, it is fine to have lots of ideas, a good thing, but maybe it is even better to actually make the ideas happen. 

5.      Hobbledehoyhood......neither man or boy


6.      Phrontistery

A thinking-place; a place for study. I simply had to include 'phrontistery' on this list. A peculiar (and under-used) term, I hope to reclaim it for thinking people everywhere. No other term is synonymous, and its intellectual if pompous sound merely adds to its charm. It was first used by Aristophanes to apply to the school of Socrates, and was somewhat mocking in tone.

7.      Xenization


“fact of travelling as a stranger” This period of youthful xenization was the source of his later cultural tolerance.


8.      Boondoggle

This is such a great word because it means doing nothing, or at least being seen to be busy and I just know so many people who are real experts in this.

9.      Zenzizenzizenzic

“The eighth power of a number.”, but for me this is something that one would use when describing something massive, multiplied over and over again.

10.  Cunning Linguist

A twist of the tongue, a use of the mouth, the giving of pleasure, being clever and creative, playing with words, this has just so many meanings, which is why I love it just so much.


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