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Top 10 Quotes

Top 10 Quotes

1.      “A man bored of London is bored of Life”

Never a truer word spoken, London is life and a very special place with some much for so many.

2.      “When the going gets tough, just keep going”

Said by Winston Churchill and just so true. This quote has served me well on so many occasions.

3.      “Fake it, til you make it”

I always believed that this was a quote I myself had made up, but then I kept hearing it over and over and now I am just not sure, but it could be mine.

4.      “A man is never the same for long, he is continually changing, He seldom remains the same even for half an hour”

I love this quote because it sums up on thought on life itself. I just cannot image a life with out change, because life is constantly changing all around us.

5.      “Arriving at one goal is the starting point to another”

In some ways this follows on from the last quote, every goal should be the motivation to reach for the next one.

6.      “Football is not a matter of life or death, it is more important than that”

Even though this belongs to a Liverpool legend, I believe it is true to every real football fan around the world. Football does things that nothing else can get close to.

7.      “The person who really thinks, learns as much from failure as success”

I am in some ways very lucky as I have had a number of opportunities to test this quote and have found that in some ways I have learned more from failure than ever from success.

8.      “In politics, if you want anything said ask a man, if you want anything done, ask a woman.

Although this quote is said about politics, it is for me true of life in general, woman do, men talk about it, and maybe that is just one reason I have thought of being a woman.

9.      “Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, and small minds discuss people”

Not that I am saying I have a great mind, but for me the discussion of great ideas, of bad ideas, or any idea at all, is possible one of life’s really great pleasures.

10.  “And in the end it is not the years in your life that counts, it is the life in your years”

As a man of a certain age this quote resonates with me so much, I have lived a life, a full life and find this quote reflects who I am so much more than most.


Yet another list that really brings home how limiting this to my Top 10 instead of say 15 or 20 is really quite hard, I could have added so many more to this one. I wrote this list on Thursday the 9th of October 2008 and so as of today this is my favourite top 10 quotes, but somehow I bet it will be different whenever I do this list again.


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