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Top 10 London Hotels

Top 10 London Hotels

1.       The Athenaum Hotel

For me this hotel was the most special I have ever stayed in, the apples, the whiskey bar, the suites, the style, the people. This will always be the one typical quintessential London hotel

2.       The Cumberland Hotel

The beast of all London hotels, this for me is number two for more reasons about the way it runs, than its style or facilities. It is a train station of a hotel, but has a magic, good bars, reasonable restaurant, average bedrooms, and a massive personality.

3.       The Strand Palace Hotel

My first love in London, but also as a three star hotel the place does more than most hotels of greater quality. This place really knows how to work what its got, and how to make the most of its best and worst bits.

4.       Threadneedles Hotel

This hotel is something of a hidden gem, very quite, very relaxed, sumptuous luxury, a real style and glamour, maybe in some ways a modern Athenaum.

5.       Hilton Park Lane

Everyone should once in their lives stay at the Hilton Park Lane, on the highest floor possible, at least once. This is the ultimate combination of size and style in London. I think I would hate to work there, but do really like staying there.

6.       The Landmark Hotel

Out on its own, in a bit of a weird location, but blessed with possible the best lobby and atrium in the city. There is a style about the place, but also it is possible the best sold hotel in the city so appeals to my hotelier mindset.

7.       The Dorchester Hotel

Ye Old London hotel, one of the real London classics, the views from the side facing the park, the entrance, the lobby, the splendour, the genuine feeling that you have just walked into somewhere very special.

8.       The Gore Hotel

The building makes the hotel, nooks and crannies, rooms of real un-expectation (not talking about bedrooms), a style and atmosphere of being a real hotel, but above that the bar and restaurant are very special and really very enjoyable.

9.       The Savoy Hotel

The London hotel, this is the one that every top ten list should feature. Old fashioned charm and sophistication, possible more money than sense is spent running this place, but it is the real deal five star experience.

10.   The Lanesborough Hotel

For me a bit like the Athenaum, it has a meaning beyond the normal for a hotel as it was the second 5 star hotel I ever stayed in and my word I felt like a king. Later in life I heard stories of how much certain things cost in the building of the hotel and it freaked me out. Great restaurant.


Yes there are quite a few others I could have listed on here, and as I typed I kept thinking of certain others, and if I do this again in a months time, or a years time, it will change. But as of today Thursday 9th of October 2008, this is my top 10 London Hotels.


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