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Top 10 Hero’s

Top 10 Hero’s

1.      Dennis Bergkamp

Number 1 on every list I will make, Dennis is my god, my ultimate hero, and quite simply the epitome of hero.

2.      Muhammad Ali

The lip, the swagger, the skill, the personality, the pure pleasure he gave the world through being not just very good at what he did, but being the best in what he did. He was not the biggest, but was easily the best when it came to class and style.

3.      Malcolm X

In some ways he is the hero I am most jealous of, I would love to have lived a cause like he did, to have believed in something as strongly as he did. To believe that “by any means necessary” is right and reasonable. 

4.      Zhu Yuanzhang

Leader and founder of the Ming Dynasty, the man that created the worlds biggest empire and nation, his philosophy still lives today, and in years to come it could dominate the world as his country will do.

5.      Margaret Thatcher

Along with Winston Churchill, Maggie was Britain’s true great leader. She was a leader of men, a leader of a nation and a genuine influence on the world we live today, love her or hate her, no one ever doubted her belief. If only she could be born again.

6.      Lord Forte

The first and last great British Hotelier, and yes I know he was not a Brit. But he created the Forte empire and all from the starting point of an ice cream parlour. A great British gentleman, a man of style and stature.

7.      Jet Li

My film hero, the man whose films I just have to see. Maybe not in the same league as certain others on my list, but still here because he is the true master of his chosen craft.

8.      Sir Tim Berners Lee

The man who invented the web, and in an indirect way the man who really created the truest form of freedom of speech.

9.      Heston Blumenthal

Again here as he a pure master of his craft, a genius of the kitchen, and if I could live my life over I would have worked my way into his kitchen when I was 15 and lived in his shadow.

10.  My Dad, Patrick D. Kavanagh

A gentleman. A scholar and a vagabond. The officer, the man, the father, my dad. And although he left me so many years ago, he will always be a real hero to me.

This proved to be quite a hard list to create, yes I have hero’s, lots of them, but to cap it at 10, to leave out certain ones, to have my whole represented by my choice of hero’s proved to be quite difficult. I am actually looking forward to revisiting this list in years ahead to see how and if it will change. This list was written on the9th of October 2008.


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