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Top 10 Countries been to

Top 10 Countries been to

1.      Japan

There is something for me very magical about the land of the rising sun, the food, the culture, the history, and most of the people. I definitely want to go back one day

2.      USA

Not all the US appeals, but by far the majority of it does. I have been so far to 27 states, so just over half way. The best thing about it is the differences between the various parts.

3.      Estonia

My favourite of the new European countries, and my favourite in eastern Europe. And I have to be honest and say it may have something to do with the girls, wow.

4.      Kuwait

I went there just after the first gulf way and I was so proud to do so. The hospitality of the people was amazing.

5.      Jordan

Mainly because of the wonder and beauty of Petra does this country make my top 10, but also like so much of the Middle East the warm reception given by the people adds to the place.

6.      Russia

The atmosphere of the place, the scale of the place, even to a point the intimidation of the place make Russia a very special place to visit. I want to go back in the winter next time.

7.      Holland

Maybe the friendliest country in Europe, I have loved to visit Holland. The food is not great, but the life style of the people seems to be maybe the best in Europe.

8.      Iceland

A very different sort of place, and for me best experienced in winter, yes its cold but the welcome is warm, and it is just so beautiful to behold.

9.      Cuba

The friendliest, sexiest, most beautiful place on earth. There is magic and music, and love and romance, and everyone seems blessed with the biggest and most genuine smiles in the whole world.

10.  Jamaica

Possible the happiest place on earth, time to chill, kick back and relax, the best country in the world to do nothing.

Like so many of these Top 10’s I could easily have added other countries to the list, I have been to more than 80 so far and only a few have disappointed me. So a list of my Top 10 fav’s is always going to be a hard and difficult list to compile. Even as I write this I can think of 3 more I should have added. But this is my list as of today the 10th of October 2008


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