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Top 10 Cities been to

Top 10 Cities been to

1.      Barcelona

I have been here by a number of times, for football, for holidays and twice for work and every time I have to say I have really loved the feeling of the city, it has an energy and a sense of fun.

2.      Havana

Possible the sexiest and most smiley city on earth. The passion and energy of Havana is something that the whole world should taste at least once in life.  

3.      Hong Kong

As I am 6:3 tall, any part of Asia always makes me feel like I really stand. But the reason why this city is one of my Top 10 is because this really is the city that never sleeps.

4.      New York

The city where size really does matter. Home to so many wonderful memories from my travels, also home to one of my favourite restaurants in the world, and the place where I once had my pockets picked, and loved every minute of the experience.

5.      Lagos

I used to think I was possible the best sales person in the world, but that was before I saw the woman selling in the market places of Lagos. Amazing.

6.      Atlanta

The home of Coke, my favourite drink, but also my favourite USA city. Such a friendly place, it is like a big version of small-town USA.

7.      Verona

Possible the most beautiful city in the world. Wonderful buildings, and always worth a visit if you are ever in north Italy.

8.      Dublin

My home town is now a town I visit and go to, but even as a tourist Dublin has a very special air and grace to. The craic is mighty, the welcome is warm, the food is great, and the everyone should visit Dublin at least once in their life.

9.      Moscow

Really should only ever be visited in the full cold of winter, with the cold, the snow and the amazing Russian woman draped in their full length furs. It is such a sexy city, with an amazing sense of danger.

10.  Paris

They call it the city of Love, and yes it can be quite romantic, but for me it is possible more one of my favourites because of my love of food. Eating in Paris is special.


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