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Top 10 Arsenal Players

Top 10 Arsenal Players

1.       Dennis Bergkamp

The legend, the greatest footballer who ever walked the planet, whoever kicked a ball. Not just the best player to ever play for the Arsenal, or even the best to ever play in the Premiership, but the greatest total Master of the beautiful game. Dennis Bergkamp the perfect footballer and so for me just has to be number 1 on my Top 10 Arsenal list.

2.       Liam Brady

The magic left foot that cut teams apart possible like no other in the history of football. Maybe Liam Brady was the best left foot in football, he certainly was the best Leftie that ever pulled on the red & white of the Arsenal

3.       David Rocastle

Rest In Peace. Some players, sometimes not the best players, end up becoming legends because of other things besides the football, loyalty is one of those factors, but even here Rocky Rocastle played for others, sometimes it is where they come from, or finally for a magic moment, David Rocky Rocastle is on this list for one simply reason, He is Arsenal.

4.       Thierry Henry

The greatest ever goal scorer, the man who in some ways carried us for a few years, maybe even the one player who had world status more than any other, a real global footballing superstar and for nearly 10 years a gunner.

5.       George Armstrong

George is the reason I support the Arsenal, he was the one whose magic touch first captured my imagination and then my heart. He made me Arsenal for life and so for that I will be forever grateful. For me George Armstrong is possible one of those forgotten hero’s, but never by me.

6.       Sammy Nelson

Maybe the surprise entry on my list, but as a kid I played at left back, and Sammy and then Kenny were the hero’s I hoped to be one day. Added to that Sammy was Irish, and he did provide all goners with the a real Arsenal magic moment when he “mooned” the Arsenal.

7.       Michael Thomas

“Its up for grabs now !!!”, and the rest is history. One moment, one very special magic moment, and for every Arsenal fan who knows their history, Micky T will forever be the man who gave us all our greatest ever moment. A moment that will never be surpassed.

8.       Charlie George

There is a classic Arsenal song called “I wish I could be like Charlie George” and for all goners of a certain age I think we all do. The classic story of boy from the terraces walks off, pulls on the shirt and scores the winning goal at the cup final. One day they will make the movie.

9.       Ted Drake

Possible the first real Arsenal Superstar. Before my time (just), but when you look back and see the facts Ted was a real Arsenal Legend

10.   Tony Adams

Maybe the hardest one to be added, for the good times he was “Mr Arsenal” and maybe someone we will never see the like of again, but why did he stay away from the last goodbye. But we will never forget the goal versus Everton and the way he just stood there.


This list was written on the 10th of October 2008


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