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Time to Talk

Time to talk....Good to talk,

They say in life that it is good to talk, it is certainly good for any real relationship that talking is key to making it work, to making it last and more than anything to making it fun. Talking is a good thing, and sometimes just talking silliness is all that is needed, as long as the lines of communication are open and working. The same of course must be said for work related relationships, it is no good having copious ideas if you can’t or don’t communicate them to those you need to make them a reality. We all know, we all respect, the importance of talking, so why is it that those we most need to communicate simply don’t.

With the impact of the credit crunch starting to bite throughout this country and the world so many other stories have disappeared from the front pages and headlines of the news. However if ever it was a good time to talk, this must be it. Imagine if now, on top of everything else that is eating away at the happiness of the nation we had a 9/11 or 7/7 moment. It could hurt us far more than ever before. So now we must believe, we must hope, that our not so glorious leaders are taking the time to talk to those that wish to cause us serious grief.

The main reason I write this today is a story in the newspapers. A Muslim cleric, is that is really the right way to describe him, claims that a TV show like the X Factor is anti-Muslim, and that it, and those involved are legitimate targets. What?. Why?. I read that the reason given, the logic if that can apply, is that because they are going to release a song to support the Help for Hero’s charity that they have done something against the Muslim world. I wonder therefore if when I buy the single will I also become a legitimate target for having supported. If that is the case, then legitimate target status here I come. However my main point is this, if there are these people how they, talking this nonsense, then I really do hope that our government are talking to them, and not just doing what the media do, and just write them off as lunatics. We must be talking with them, listening to them, understanding them and learning about them.  

When is the right time to talk to such people, some would say that you should never talk to them, bomb the buggers would be the best answer, but as an Irishman I can testify to the fact that that does not work, has never worked and will never work. And as an Irishman I can also testify that the only way it ever ends is after people have talked. History proves it to be the case, every conflict has only ended after the bombing stopped and the talking was done. And this one will be no different. So the time to talk is always now, just as it is in work, in a relationship, with a friend or with a foe.

It is good to talk, and if we could all do it a little bit more the world, even our own individual world, would be enhanced, would be improved. When I first came to England I remember being on a Tube train with my mum, she started talking to those around her, they were at first stunned, but after a while they all left the train with a smile as they continued on their way, a simple thing like a smile, a chat, some small talk, and the world for those involved, were enhanced if just for a moment. So today having read this simple plea, as you go about your day spread a little happiness, smile, talk, you  never know just how much good we can each accomplish. It is Time to talk, it is really good to talk......


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