No matter where you go or what you do, you live your entire life within the confines of your head.
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Throughts From Me


This area of is where I can just dump my thoughts, my day-to-day thoughts on just about anything. I guess this is the closest thing I will ever have similar to a Blog. Maybe that is just what these pages are, the official Blog of me, Paul Kavanagh.

Some of the content on these pages may belong in other areas of the site, but in the main these are the pages that allow me to comment on anything I fancy, sometimes I have written a page and written it so it fits on a section somewhere on the site already, so maybe some articles maybe end up with a slight weight within them to allow them to fit in. Certainly some pages in the My Politics or My Philosophy sections are a bit like that, but with this section I can free that up from my writing and just write what I feel and then publish. Ahh the freedom and power of this.

It is funny just what topics and subjects get to me, what things either appeal to me or repulse me, what things in my day-to-day life or in the world around me somehow touch me in a way that makes me feel certain that I must pass my comment on them. Equally there are quite a few things that I just feel I, and maybe a host of others, really have no business commenting on.

One thing the world wide web has done, and in the main to its credit, is allow for the greatest level of freedom of speech the planet has ever known. In business, in sport, in everyone’s personal life the web allows for all of us to pass judgement and comment on anything we want, and virtually without any possible recourse. That is indeed a seriously dangerious weapon my in the hands of all of us, and certainly I feel the time will very soon come when you really should not believe anything you read online, for if the web allows for the full freedom of sharing information then it also by definition allows for the full flow of mis-information. We humans are such wonderful things for always creating a downside.

But for now I can now set to work on writing pages for this area of my little site, comment on just about anything and share with the world all my thoughts, opinions, views and slant on the stories of the world. Thank you Sir Tim, your invention is a wonderful thing.     


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