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The River Symphony

The River Symphony

Okay so what is the River Symphony? I hear you ask. Well before I explain I need to travel over to the former Olympic city of Barcelona. I have been lucky enough to go there about a dozen times. For the Olympics, for football and on holiday and it is a very exciting city with good food, good nightlife and a certain buzz.

But for me, besides the football, my greatest memory of Barcelona is the dancing fountains. The Font Montjuic or Magic fountain was part of a project built for the 1929 Universal Exhibition. The exhibition took place on Montjuic, a hill on the eastern end of Barcelona. The magic fountain's first performance was on May 19, 1929 during the Great Universal Exhibition. Over 3000 workers were commissioned to work on the project and it took just one year to build.

Cascades and Fountains
The project, designed by the engineer Carles Buigas consisted of a series of cascades and fountains between the Palau National, the main exhibition center on the Montjuic, and the Playa d'Espanya at the foot of the hill. It took one year to complete the project. The most spectacular part was the monumental Magic fountain. It was originally intended to show people what could be achieved with filtered electrical light.
After many years of disuse, the fountain was in a bad state, but it was restored for the 1992 Olympic games, which were held on Montjuic. During the summer evenings, when the fountain is activated, it attracts hundreds of visitors who watch the approx. 15 minute spectacular display of light, water and music. At the same time, the Palau National is illuminated, providing a beautiful background. The show runs every thirty minutes. The start and end date depend on the time of the year, but the best time to see the fountain is at sunset.

The Idea for London Town
The River Symphony
would be London's version of the Magic Fountain, but of course better, bigger, and amazingly more spectacular. For the River Symphony would be set, on the, or should that be, in the River Thames. Located in front of the South Bank. Picture a river, a really famous river come to life in dance, light and music. Jets of water bursting 100's of feet in the air, and all to accompany a unique piece of classical British music. A symphony written just for this project. Lights bouncing, water flowing and all in perfect harmony with the music. The greatest show in town and all for free on the River Thames.

The banks of the river lined with people dancing along, maybe hearing classical music for the first time, seeing before them a beautiful story unfold with the use of water, light, and music. Numerious massive fountains, lighten up and dancing along with the music and all with the back-drop of one of the worlds great art centres.

Now how exactly can I ever get this idea off the ground, or should that be, into the water...

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