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The Great Influence

Being loved

In a lot of ways I feel I am quite old fashioned and for me the issue of being married is something that old fashioned values must apply to. I married the most wonderful and special woman any man could have asked for. Annie was someone I met at work, older than me, Annie gave me a sense of purpose, of belonging, and the wonderful feeling of being loved. But for years I was so scared of doing the right thing and getting married.

Finally when we decided it was the right thing to do, I was so excited. I knew my Annie would be mine for the rest of my life, that she would always be there for me, always supporting me, being the rock that I needed. Even now she has a way of being the little voice on my shoulder, whispering in my ear when I need guidance. And what is really scary is that she is always right, even now, all these years later.

One thing about Ann that I really loved was her mum, she was a very special lady and although she passed away some years ago, I still think about her all the time. She really accepted me, she made me feel she approved and that she thought I was good enough for her daughter, that meant a lot to me, because for some reason I always felt I was punching above my weight with Ann, that she was too good for me. But as I have said on this site quite a few times, in a lot of ways I have been very lucky in my life and meeting Ann, being love by her, marrying her, having her in my life, is maybe the one thing that proves just how lucky I have been.

Of course the greatest aspect of being with Ann, was the fact that 20 odd years ago she gave me the greatest gift any man could have wished for, my little girl, Shannon. When I look at how perfect Shannon has become I know that this is due to the love and education that my Annie gave my girl. Both my girls could be moody madams, I guess it is a girl thing, and they fought like cat & dog sometimes, but the love and bond between them just grows stronger every second of every day, and I can see in Shannon both Ann and her Mum. The individuality, the sense of purpose, but most of all, the great big loving heart. Shannon is now a “giver”, she cares for others, supports others, and that for me is a trait she got and learned from her wonderful, beautiful and amazing mother, and I know from experience that Ann got it from her mum. That is a very valuable family trait.

To be loved by someone is a very special feeling, to be loved by someone so absolutely perfect, special, wonderful, amazing, caring and thoughtful is really the best feeling in the world, and the love shared between myself and my Annie is a massive influence on who I am, who I have been and who I will become. Yes I have led a normal life, but I have been influenced by an abnormally amazing woman and for that I will forever be grateful.  


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