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The Foreigners here


Foreigners come, people are glad

Foreigners come, people are mad

The Foreigners are people, people with hope

The Foreigners are all of us, all share a desire

I am a Foreigner, I have a dream

I am a Foreigner, arrived with much hope

I came to these streets, paved with gold

I came to this land, to follow my dream

Why do we hate those that come late

Why do we hate those with same dream

Should we not welcome those who just follow

Could we not embrace the people who dream

I came to work, to live and to prosper

I came to add to what already was here

I live to feel, to think and to be

I came to build on the streets paved with gold

The Foreigners come and want a home from their home

The Foreigners come and want a home for nowt

The Foreigners come, some to work, some to take

The Foreigners who come are as diverse as we are

The city is full, the country has burst

The room is not here, the gold long since gone

Why would you come, what do you bring

You will wake from the dream, nightmare awaits


Yet still they come, suggest turning back

Yet still some will welcome still more will go mad

The streets are now paved with litter, with people

The streets are now loaded with mans broken dreams


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