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Thank you London

Dublin by birth, London by choice

London is home, a phontistery for mind

London is red, blue, yellow, green

London is all, all is my dream

London awakes, yet never really sleeps

London excites, yet tranquillity abounds

London feeds both body and mind

London provides for my soul and my eye

What is this city but a space for the people

What is this city but a home for their thought

What is this town but a gym for my mind

What is this town but pure candy for mine eye

London expands to east and to west

London expands from north to the south

London expands with the people who come

London expands thanks to the marks that get left

London is all, all that I dream

London has people, people with dreams

London has buildings, parks that are green

London is crowded, packed full to be seen

My London is mine, yet also yours

Your London is yours, yet I can still share

I look at your London, amazing my eyes

I live in your London, feeding my mind

Thank you for London, thanks for the life

Thanks to the people who add to that life

Thanks for the minds, the bodies, the soul

Thank you to London for having it all.


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