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Stuck to my sofa

Stuck to my sofa,

So the next big Derren Brown TV show is due out very soon, The Events. I believe it will be all about him showing us mere mortals just how he does the things he does, but somehow, and knowing him as I do, I get the feeling that once you have watched the show you will be left with far more questions than answers, but equally I will be stuck to my sofa watching him do it.

Went I applied to be on his show, The Heist, it was not as I have said so many times before because I wanted to be on TV, no it was because I wanted to learn about, experience and understand the way all this was done. I am interested in aspects like NLP, suggestion, the mind, the tricks of the mind, and Mr Brown is a wonderful exponent of these skills. So to be involved, try and spot the tricks, play against them, involve myself within the whole thing, they are the reasons I did the show. And they once more will be the reasons why I am stuck to my sofa this time round to watch his next show.

One thing that he does, and it is very much a tool used in marketing, is place “suggestion”, within the mind’s eye. You may have noticed in this piece I have used the phrase “stuck on my sofa” at least three times. And if you watch the trailers for The Events, you will also notice the same phrase as an advertisement for a dotcom site. This is classic DB. When I was on the heist one thing I noticed within the first hours of my involvement was a weird old fashioned painting of a modern scene, it was the heist, the bank van, the street etc. It was not placed in an obvious place, you had to look for it, but you did notice it, and somehow it has an effect, and influence. So somehow, “stuck to my sofa” will have an influence. So too will the balloon, I am guessing, and lots of the other images that DB has placed in the trailers. My advice, when you watch the show, watch everything, sit back on your sofa and study hard every image every aspect. I know I will be.....


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