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Spurs New Ground

Spurs New Stadium

So the mighty Tottenham Hotspur are to move just down the road, well 50 metres or so. And out of the move will rise a 60,000 seater stadium, a state of the art supermarket, 500 High St. Luxury apartments, a new High St., with upmarket shopping, new public spaces for the community, and, new offices for Tottenham Hotspur officials. This will be a massive redevelopment of an area that really needs redeveloping and so I say, well done you Spurs.

When you look at the plans, and see how the stadium will be built and how they will be able to stay at the lane for the duration of the build it is very clever, just by moving it slightly to the north of the current site and almost building around the current ground it is very smart.

However here are my concerns, firstly why is it that the new ground looks so much like the Emirates, the shapes and so forth, why not try and do something different, secondly and maybe most importantly, why I have not heard anything about the travel infrastructure, I always thought the big issue Spurs had with the lane was the travel issue, getting 35,000 to and from the ground is an issue, so now getting nearly twice that number, and yet no mention of just how. I have always felt that the London Underground should have been extended to incorporate a station for the Spurs, one closer than Seven Sisters or Tottenham Hale.

I really would have thought that Spurs could have learned from the Arsenal, having watched and experienced the issues of getting out of Ashburton Grove, I really though Spurs would use that and have as a major part of their plan much better travel arrangements, but that really does not appear to be the case. The nearest station White Hart lane BR claims to be able to handle 11,000 fans per hour, that being the case, five hours in and five hours out, so I guess they are really hoping lots of fans come via other means. But why can they not really do up Northumberland park station, include both the over and under ground and make the new Lane substantially more accessible that any other ground in London.

I know a lot of people who read this will know I am an Arsenal fan, and so will wonder why I am even passing comment on Spurs or their new ground, some will think I might be just taking the Michael, or have some other alternative motive, but honestly that is not the case. I don’t like spurs, but equally I don’t dislike them, for me Spurs are just another 3 points and I would really like it if they and ourselves really outgrew and over shadowed Chelsea Jokes, just by our pure size. So although I am an Arsenal supporter I do genuinely say, good luck spurs, I hope it all goes fairly well for you, but please, be smart and learn from the challenges that faced the Arsenal and the building of the Emirates.  

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