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Special Memories

Special Memories in my hotel career are quite plentiful, I have had copious occasions which will live on in my mind forever. Some involve guests, some are just moments in time, and some relate to the people and places I have worked. When once upon a time I thought I had finished with hotels, and would never work in the sector again I helped make a TV show about the weird and wonderful world and it was very successful, and still shown on various cable networks even today, much to my embarrassment. But that is the thing with hotel life, it is one place that really does show you life in all its glorious technicolor.

On these pages I will tell the story of The Full Monty, the death of Diana, being a Spice Girl, meeting the Spice Girls, the birth of a baby in a room, the death of a guest in room, and the joy of the Kirov Ballet, and of course many many others. Of course hotel etiquette determines that confidentiality and privacy must be maintained, this has been drummed into me over the years and I will respect that, but the stories are still worth telling, even in a slightly censored version.

And as I am fairly sure I will continue to work in this environment for many years to come, I am also sure that I will enjoy many more adventures and moments inside this special buildings. That is one of, if not the, reason I stay involved. It is the moments of madness that you deal with that really give you the satisfaction. Helping someone beyond their expectation, solving a situation, making someone smile, these are the things that in the end help me to continue in this world. And I love it.     

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