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September 09/10

September 09/10

Well that has certainly been an interesting month and to be honest I am not sure if it has been a good month, a bad month or just an average one. It has had some highs and certainly has had a few lows, losing a game is never easy, losing two is rotten and losing two that perhaps you should not have done is exceptionally rotten. September has been a month of mixed emotions.

So the lows of the month have to have been the two visits to Manchester. Losing both games was a real downer. I thought we were easily the better side against United, and if RVP had scored the second goal we would have got what we deserved. As for the City game, well maybe they deserved it, but if so, only just. However for me the real down side of this month was Manu Adebayor. No class, no clue. I have less of an issue with his goal celebration, if it was the other way round I would have gone crazy and been really happy, but for me it was the RVP kick, the Cesc stamp, and the whole thing where it is our (Arsenal fans) fault and poor little Ade, the boy who never was loved. Adebayor, as a man you have no class, as a footballer, you have no clue.

However the month of September had many more highlights, and it ended on one of those and one of the best. Vito Mannone’s match winning performance against Fulham was classic. Almost unknown going into the game he made 5 top class saves and insured we ended the month with a really good away win.

Other highlights must include the come-back win in Belgium, 2-0 down in five minutes, the boys done really good to come back and win a game they should have been won by a mile in the first place. But to do it after the start they had was special. Also to win away at Fulham, where we lost last year, is a real positive and for me does show that we are getting better.

Individually some players have had very good months, Vermaelen continues to look like the buy of the summer. He is now our leading goal scorer, but more than that he is already looking like a serious central defender, and, he is even making Gallas look really good. RVP has started to score, and that must be a good thing and is a very important aspect for us. However for the second month in a row, for me, the real highlight has been the consistent form of Alex Song, he does so much work in the middle, he is strong, tackles well, covers the ground and his work is allowing for the new system to work.

However on the down side, a few of our players could give a little more, Bak and Gael are not as effective as they have been, maybe as an effect of the new system, but even so, we need those two doing what they do best and giving us what we all know they can. Equally Cesc is not flowing and driving as we all know he can, albeit that his superb pass against Fulham allowed for RVP to score a superb goal, the rest of that game proves to me that our captain is not at his best. Finally Arshavin, he is a wonderful player, capable of so much, but in my view, he must and can give each game so much more, a step up in his effort is what is called for.

One real positive of this past month has been the return of Thomas Rosicky. On his day he is one of the best footballers around, his passing and running with the ball is wonderful, his shooting is better than nearly every other Arsenal player and he gives us a real balance. Having back and in the mix can only be a very good thing for us, so welcome back Little Mozart, it is good to have you back.

And of course near the end of the month we had the little matter of a Carling Cup victory, at home to WBA. When you consider that they were at the time top of the Championship, had just won 5-0 and of course we were playing the kids, this was a really very positive result. Once again Jack Wilshere was the outstanding star of the show, but perhaps the real positive from this game was the performance of Carlos Vela, he looked really special on the night, and was the clear difference between the two sides. Maybe this will be a massive prediction, but I am starting to feel Vela may one day become a major world superstar, maybe he could be the next Hugo Sanchez, or even better. Lets hope.

So September is over, some good wins, a couple of disappointing defeats, 5th place in the Premiership, 3 away points in the Champions league, a good win in the Carling Cup, the return of a star and the optimism continues to develop.


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