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Sell Sell Sell

 Sell Sell Sell,

I believe the only way out of this recession we find ourselves in is to sell your way out. Our wonderful politicians have tried to buy their way out by buying banks, spending millions and billions of pounds buying up the very thing that was so flawed in the first place. What I don’t understand with this is why anyone would buy companies that have proven they cannot sustain themselves and that they are bad businesses, but then I am not a Prime Minister so I guess it is not really my place to understand it.

However that aside I have always believed that the only way to improve your balance sheet, weather it be a business, a nation or just an individual is to improve the top line, because from there everything else can be supported and worked on. Yes this is a simplistic view, but in so many cases it is the simple ideas that are the best, and after all was it not the far to complex deals of the banks that started all this, sometimes being too clever is not clever at all.

So my humble message to the world is go out and sell, invest in your sales, support your sales, incentivise your sales, train your sales and go out there and sell, sell, sell. It really is the only and best way to generate a positive impact.

Selling is not easy, it is for me a mathematical equation, and when you learn that secret it does become far easier. The equation is a series of X’s, and it very much depends on the nature of your business as to what those X’s are, and how many there are involved. The basic level is this: calls X conversations X closes, therefore at the base of sales is a very easy and simple equation. Yes there are copious additional X’s that can come into play, advertising, marketing, PR, style of sales, location, creativity, the product, the price, and to a small measure the market itself, are just a few main ones.

Selling can be easy if, if you stand back, review the situation and then commit 100% to making it happen for yourself. You have to look at it and say, “do I want to double my turnover?” and if the answer is yes then put your mind to it. No you do not have to always do it yourself, after all some people just are not that good at it, but if you own your business then all you have to do is commit to making it happen. I have seen inside businesses that have everything in place to be a success, but don’t, can’t and won’t get their sales right, and so no matter how efficient they are, and no matter how proud they are of that, they will never be really successful because they ignore and do not like sales.

You can be the best operational company in the world, but without sales that is all you will be, you can be the worst company in the world, maybe even with the worst product, but with sales you can, and history has proven this, be the biggest and most successful business. Yes utopia is where you have both, but unless you are of a sales mind, please do not believe that selling is easy and all you need to put the people in place and leave them to it. Selling is far more complex than that. If selling was so easy that anyone could do it, then salespeople would not have to be paid as much, just remember there are skills involved.

So please, if by some weird chance you own a business, and have come across this page, heed my advice. If you want to get out of these bad times, these hard times, look to your sales department, look to the people or tools you have and figure out your own mathematical equation, success is really that easy to achieve.


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