And in the end it is not the years in your life that counts, it is the life in your years

Sam Goodall

  1. Do you have a story about Paul Kavanagh?

The best story about PK that I can remember is the one of how we met. We first met standing in a queue, but not any ordinary queue, because this one was to do a Bungee jump over the Millennium Dome for charity. Just like me PK had raised a silly amount of cash for the charity Help A London Child, and was now ready to do the jump.

It was really scary, and PK helped me heaps as I was really nervous, we went up in the crane together, I had to jump first and PK was really supportive, we have remained friends ever since. Have to say he squealed like a baby when he jumped, but he did it and I know just how scary it really was.

  1. What are Paul Kavanagh’s best 3 qualities?

Loyalty, attitude and friendship are his three best qualities. I really like the fact that he will try anything once

  1. What are Paul Kavanagh’s worst 3 qualities?

Impatience, shyness and stubbornness. I wish he was more consistent in who he is

  1. Has Paul Kavanagh ever made you smile? Please explain

PK always makes me smile, he has a very positive outlook and a very dry sense of humour, so he either makes me smile via laughter or friendship.

  1. Say what you think Paul Kavanagh could do better in his life?

PK should be more consistent in who he is, I would like to know more about the other aspects of his life, those he keeps separate.

  1. Have you ever eaten Paul Kavanagh’s cooking? Was it any good?

No I have not, but I did try and cook a recipe from his website which was crap.

  1. What was it like working with Paul Kavanagh?

I have never worked with PK, but from what he tells me he is a really good person to work with.

  1. Has Paul Kavanagh ever taught you anything? What?

The one thing I learned most from PK was the meaning of being a friend, he has been there for me for many years, he has never asked anything from me, but given me so much.

  1. If Paul Kavanagh ruled the world, would you want to live in that world?

Yes, but I think it might be a very dangerous place with people doing Bungee Jumps and plane walking and silly stuff like that, but at least we would all get along.

  1. Is this the silliest thing on Paul Kavanagh’s website? Why?

I don’t know if it is the silliest thing on PK’s site, but I do think it brave to ask others to say what they really think, and then put it on a website, I would not want to know what people really thought of me. But that’s PK.

Paul’s Response:

As Sam mentioned we met many years ago, standing in line to do a bungee jump, he was far cooler in doing it than I was, but we have remained friends ever since. We don’t see each other that often, maybe hook up every now and then. Sam works in the media as a reporter for a radio station, that’s because he has a great face for radio but not much else.

Thank you for being the first one to post up and answer the questions, I kind of thought you might be the one who jumped in first, if you excuse the really bad pun.


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