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Salad Recipes

For so many years in my life the idea of eating a salad just turned my stomach, I really had no wish to enjoy some lettuce leaves and for someone to try and persuade me that it was good for me, or really tasty was just alien. But of course in those bygone days the ideas and flavours were just plain and dull.

Today the salad has really moved on, they are made with all sorts of wonderful ingredients, ideas like mixing both cold and hot, different textures, unusual herbs  and all manner of different things can now go into what is known as a salad, and I for one am nowadays a real fan. One of my favourite meals is a simple toasted smoked salon & rocket salad. And I am even partial to one of those “pick&mix” salad bars in my local supermarket every now and then.

Salads for me are quite symbolic of how my tastes and wiliness have shifted. They were something I just would not eat, and certainly would not enjoy, but now they are a serious part of my favourite food list. They are also possible the one food style that has most influenced both my taste buds and my wiliness to try new things. I don’t know why, but I do know that I will always be grateful to the lettuce leaf for opening my mind.

Here is a selection of different salad recipes found on the web which I hope you will enjoy. But for me, any of these recipes can and maybe should be altered to taste, throw something new on there, add another flavour or ingredient, swap something, do whatever you like and just enjoy.     


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