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Rise of the BNP

Please take note, or else

In the past week, right across Europe, the far right political parties have scored big results, in the main the thinking is that it is due to the large movement of peoples into the european union, the loss of national identity, the global credit crunch and the general state of dismay that "normal" people are facing. This has given those of extream views a band-wagon for people to jump aboard.

Racism is wrong. It is wrong in any and every form it takes, and there should be no place what so ever for people with those views. However, and yes there is an however, who is really to blame for the rise of the likes of the BNP. In my view it is the traditional political parties, in the UK the three main parties have done two things which have allowed and encouraged the rise of the likes of the BNP.

1. They all moved thier views and ideation to the centre, each and every one now trys to hog the centre ground. People can hardly see or understand what the difference is between one or the other. All three are now just locked in soundbite politics of little or no substance, none ever talk of policies, there is no deep thinking or idea, and worst of all there is absolutely no priciples.

2. The second and worst action of the parties is the way in which they have delth with the BNP, all they ever do is say, "oh them, they are just horrid people", and that is it. There is no reason, except the obvious ever given. They have not listened to the people or listened to what the BNP have said or are saying. They just think if they call them a bad name and bury thier head in the sand, the nasty people will go away.

But what this has resulted in is a wave of public support, nearly 1million people in the UK voted for the BNP at this election. That represents nearly 7% of those who voted. That is a lot of people. But most of them, in my view, did not know who or what they were voting for. Now I am not belittling those folk, not in the slightest, what I am saying is that no one from the main parties took on the BNP and put down thier ideas or political points. No one showed the copious flaws in what they were saying or what they want to do. No one educated the 1 million people of all the facts of this obnoxious political party.

It is sad to say this, sad to post it into the public forum, but the rise of the BNP has only just started. At the next UK general election this party will win a seat, maybe even two or more seats. With 1 million voters willing to back them, they will find places to stand, places they can win, Luton, Burnley, Bradford, East London and many others, and they will win because no one will stand up, no one of strong enough voice, no one of real impact and influence. I hope I am wrong, but I really do not believe I am.

Sorry world.......... 

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