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Rio de Janeiro 2016

So the votes have been cast and the result is in, the games of the 2016 Olympics has been awarded to the city of Rio de Janeiro. So we have the result the whole world must have wanted, and for me what this means is that the IOC have given the world two Olympics in a row from the worlds top two sports loving nations, and that can’t be bad.

I so remember the day the result came in for 2012, I sat watching the TV, fingers crossed, toes crossed, legs crossed, I think I even crossed my eyes, everything I wished for, I sat there watching the TV and hoped for all I was worth. Then the result was announced and I cheered so loudly, my city, the city of London would host the greatest sporting show on earth and I was just so excited. 

Of course this being England, I have had to sit back and listen to all the cynics, the moaners and groaners bleating on about the cost, the locations, the ability to actually do it and as the years have passed they seem to have been doing this unabated ever since the 6th of July. But as I write this piece for PaulKavanagh.com, I know that the London 2012 Olympic stadium is already months ahead of plan, the money, in these tough times is covered, and I know that London will deliver the best ever Olympic games, and I can’t wait.

Of course for all Londoners, that day will always be remembered for what happened the next day, the sad and tragic event of the bombings on the tube and the bus, the many wonderful people who lost their lives, the others who still today are having to deal with the effects of that day, and the families of those people, I know my words will not mean much to any of you, but I personally will never forget.  

However today, a day that reminds us of those days, is a happy day, especially for the people of Brazil and of Rio de Janeiro. I can just picture the games under the shadow of the Sugar Loaf, under the rays of the sunshine and along to the beat of the samba rhythm, Rio I am sure will provide some amazing images and spectacle. Having watched the video for their bid, it does look superb, although finishing the marathon outside the stadium is for me not right, and, using the Maracana for the ceremonies and a different stadium for the Athletics is also something I am not too sure about. But that has to be balanced against the idea of the beach volleyball played on the sands of the cocabaña.

My genuine best wishes go out to Rio, for them to be following London is perfect. I also have to say that for me it had to be Rio, there is no way it should have been Chicago, even with Barack Obama’s support, or Madrid, the games have been in those countries too recently, and while I would not have minded Tokyo, the very fact that the games had never been staged in South America is the best reason for that to be rectified. So good luck to Rio and here’s to the samba games of 2016.


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