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Fluffy Medicine

There are some things in life that even I don’t fully understand, although to be fair, that is sometimes either because I see no advantage to me in learning about it, or, sometimes I have just closed my mind to such a concept or theory. Alternative medicines are one such thing. I do not really understand them, I certainly can’t keep up with them and for me it always looks like they are all searching for the latest thing, the next big thing, and so for me that indicates that the last thing must not have been the answer after all.

Reiki, Meta-medicine, EFT, Time Line Therapy, Psych-K are just a few of the ones I have come across, and certainly they all appear to have really cool names. However, now I must be fair, the old adage, “millions of people can’t be wrong” springs to mind, and certainly many millions of people the world over practise these and do wholeheartedly believe in them and in their results, so who the feck am I to question them. But if you don’t ask the question you don’t get the answer. And so I do at least ask the questions, so for me that must mean that at least on this subject my reservations are not based on a closed mind, I am at least open to knowing more.

A while back I met a wonderful woman who was an advocate, a practitioner, of many of these forms of positive problem solving. Now there is no way I am going to try and explain what it is she does, or even how she does it, but from what I have seen, she certainly does seem to passionately believe and skilfully generate results for people, and is something I have to respect. After all if in life you only help one person, then you have made the whole world that little bit better and Penny has therefore already made our world a whole heap better. Her practice is called ChangeAhead, and yes as a someone who has created brands in the past I love the play with words with this, and through this set up Penny is helping so many people. Something I think must be very rewarding. Mind you I bet it is also superbly exhausting as well.

However from being that bit more exposed to the whole array of therapies it has made me wonder, and I have spend many hours thinking about it, about Penny, and trying so hard to put my finger on the spot to generate the required response, what it is about these alternative theories that appeal to me so much. Or for that matter if they do even that. I respect the fact that many of them are based on very ancient knowledge, that the base of so many are built from well proven experience, that there does appear a well founded logic and application of common sense, but.

Yes for me, every time I sit and contemplate this subject, and no matter how much positive thought I can apply, it always ends up at the “but”. I have looked at a number of websites on the subject recently, a vast number in fact, ChangeAhead to be fair does explain it all very well, but one thing keeps jumping up at me and always makes me question and doubt. Why is the area so American? So many of the “guru’s” are yanks, and certainly so many of the commercially focused “experts” are American. I know stateside that having a therapist is akin to having a hairdresser in the UK and that there are a vast amount of them, all peddling a massive array of books, CD’s, DVD’s, podcasts and such like, but is it all not just the basic thing that “a problem shared is a problem halved”. By just having a chat and a cuppa, you can achieve much the same.

I do wonder to myself if all this is just some commercialistic scam, is it all just some corporate mind looking back in time, creating a brand from some ancient wisdom and repackaging it for today’s needy souls, and yes while I know that is a bit harsh, it would not be the first or last time something like that was done. Or is it a case that the best way to move forward is to look back and know from where you came, could it be, just like hidden gold, that real pure wealth is in fact buried, and once we drill for it, find it, and learn how to use it, that in truth so many answers to so many questions are always there, we just have to go forth and look.

Oh well, I guess I will just remain at best a cynic, and that aspect of the world will just go about its business, making people feel better in today’s “must have” way. And you know, and I have said this before, but if all this natural medicine helps just one person then feck it, well done to whom ever open their eyes and found it, and be dammed the cynic.    


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