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Random Stuff

This section of PaulKavanagh.com is where I put all that wonderful, weird, interesting and general “stuff” that seems to appeal to me. You see I have a part of me that is interested in general stuff, things that do not fit into any other section or “box” and therefore I have to have a section my personal website for me to put it in.

I guess over time this will grow and grow, and will contain all sorts of different things and so at the this time, at the point of launching this section of my site I do not really have a full and correct description of just what will be here. But that is the point of this area, it is for all the random material, it is for the subjects that do not fit in elsewhere on my site.

They say in life one should be open to new things, a person should look for opportunities to explore, to ask questions, to seek new experiences and of course to broaden the mind, and for me a massive aspect of that is to ask questions and subsequently think deeply about the questions asked and the answers given. This section is a part of that, it is where I start that process with something that has attracted me, or tickled my fancy.

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