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Random Q&A

I recently hit a link on my FaceBook page and it took me to a quiz app. It was called “Everything you want to know”, and then 10 minutes later, after having answered this long list of random questions this was the result. Not sure if it does or does not tell you anything you did not already know, but hey it is an easier way to find out.

The Basics

Full Name:

Paul Kavanagh






3 brothers & 1 sister

Eye colour:

Irish Blue

Shoe size:

10 1/2



Country born:

Ireland and dam proud of it

Innie or Outie:


What are you wearing right now:


Where do you live:

At home

Righty or lefty:


Any pets:



What did you have for breakfast:


What makes you smile:

Loads of different stuff

Why do you smile:

because it is good for you

What is the weather like out side:


What or who makes life worth living:


What do you like better, colored pencils, crayons, or markers:

I prefer Paint

What have you been labeled:

All sorts and always wrongly

Do you think you are a nice person:

90% of the time

What is the worst pain you've ever felt:

When a dentist broke a tooth he was trying to pull

What did you have for lunch:

toasted sandwich

What do you have in your cup/bottle:


What do you want to be:


What is your worst habit:

Drinking coke

What size bed do you have:

A big one

What is bothering you right now:

money, or rather lack of it

What color is your room:


What color is your bathroom:


What is your home page:

What is your favorite store:

The Armory at the Arsenal

What do you fear:

Nothing, not one thing

Who is

Name two people you miss really badly:

My Mum and My dad

Where are they:


Is any one mad at you:

Bound to be

Who do you truly hate:


Does any one like you:

I hope so, maybe one or two

Who is the last person you went to the beach with:

My daughter

Who is the last person to call you:

Someone from Caterer magazine

Who is the last person to E-mail you:

Someone from Caterer magazine

Do you...

Do you cry a lot:

Not as often as I want to

Do you make people angry:

I must do

Do you like who you are:

Yes, well 90% of me

Do you like the cold:


Do you like the heat:


Do you like to walk in the rain:


Do you like cameras:

Yes, I love my D90

Do you like taking pictures:

Yes, all the time

Do you like looking up at the stars:


Do you like puzzles:

Sometimes if I am in the mood

Do you want to die:

Yes one day

Do you drink:

Not that much

Do you think you are smart:

Yes, exceptionally intelligent

Do you like cheerleaders:

No I am an old man and past all that

Do you like candy apples:


Do you like cotton candy:

I love it

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