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Puddings, sweets, afters, dessert, whatever it is that you yourself call it, puddings have to be my favourite course of any meal. To be fair I could very easily eat just puddings and live very happily if i did. I am not saying I only eat sweet things, I also really like savoury puddings and as you can see once cooked for TV a very savoury pudding called Roquefort Ice Cream.

I also love to cook with chocolate and Coke and both of them can be equally used for either sweet or savoury puddings. I really think that is one of the amazing beauties of the world wide web, if you surf your way around the web you can find an amazing number of wonderful recipes, and by just so many expert chefs. I think it is really great of these experts to share their ideas and techniques with simple cooks like the rest of us.

As I type these pages, I am eating some superb Christmas cake, it is a recipe from my Mum and eating it is a real blast from my childhood. It is amazing how a food can transport you back so many years. It is very rich, exceptionally fruity and because I am tasting it almost straight out of the oven it is still warm.

So here are just a few wonderful, and not difficult recipes, for you to try, all of them puddings and all of them very special. Good Luck.......


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