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Mr. Paul Kavanagh

Thursday, 12th March 2009


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Disclaimer: Please note that the results of this test are being utilised for research purposes. At no point do the authors of this test recommend the use of this test in its research phase for purposes of employment or commercial decision-making. If you would like to use a similar psychometric test for these purposes, please contact Psych Press at info@psychpress.com and

one of their consultants will be happy to discuss these issues.

Paul Kavanagh Result: 


This scale measures the extent which individuals emphasize originality or

willingness to embrace traditions. It identifies whether an individual thinks creatively

or conventionally and to what degree they are open-minded. It also measures the

individual’s ability to deal with changes in their physical environment and

organizational culture.

Paul has obtained an Above Average score on Innovativeness.



The Self Management scale measures an individual’s goal-directed behaviour. It

identifies how capable a person is at monitoring their own commitments and how

organised and committed they are to attending to their tasks.

Paul has obtained an Above Average score on Self Management.



This scale measures the extent to which individuals are confident in social

situations - whether they are extraverted or introverted. Extraversion can be defined

as the extent to which individuals are outgoing, positive, sociable and active.

Conversely, introverted individuals are likely to be shy or reserved in social

interactions, less pleasure-seeking and less overtly cheerful than their extraverted


Paul has obtained an Above Average score on Social Confidence.



This scale assesses an individual’s level of adjustment versus emotional instability

and is most often associated with their ability to remain calm, self-confident and

composed within a workplace environment, as opposed to anxious, insecure and

somewhat emotional. The ability to manage stressful situations without

experiencing undue anxiety reflects a high level of stress tolerance and thus a high

emotional stability.

Paul has obtained a High score on Stress Tolerance.



This scale measures the degree to which individuals are friendly, cooperative,

accommodating and modest within a team environment. Team Orientation scale

measures the extent to which individuals are altruistic, agreeable and value social

harmony, and this scale identifies the tendency of an individual to foster an

engaging team environment where the opinions, thoughts and ideas of others are

genuinely taken into account and valued as part of the decision making process,

even when these may be in sharp contrast to their own.

Paul has obtained a High score on Team Orientation.


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