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Pork Recipes

Pork Recipes

I really like pork, and one of my favourite flavours from the early years of my life in England were pork chops covered in pork seasoning served with mashed potatoes and gravy, ahh the simple pleasures in life. Today I do not cook with pork as much as I should, but that said some of my most pleasing dishes include a little pig.

Yes by now you will have realised that I am certainly no veggie or vegan. Yes I do cook and eat veggie food, but not because I do not eat but because I like certain meat-free dishes. But back to the subject, pork. Possible one of most favourite things in the whole world to eat is a proper bacon sandwich, or even a pork sausage buttie, served with tomato sauce. And on any occasion I have ever been overseas for a period of time there is nothing better to come home to that a proper English fry-up, with copious quantities of pig, and pig fat.

Also I do wonder if my taste for pork stems back to my upbringing in Ireland, while I don’t really remember my mum cooking that much pork and do not really have any memories of certain dishes my wonderful mum cooked, I do in some ways associate Pork with Ireland.

But like any item eatable pork has moved on from just being there for the simple, and today we even have Heston’s bacon and egg ice cream. So the little piggy has moved on and here is just a few wonderful recipes that include pork. It is great that when you find yourself looking for something that little different to cook, you can just pop in a few words into your search engine and up flows a whole range of wonderful bright ideas and suggestions.

So its down to the local butcher, get your favourite cut of pig and lets get cooking, I hope you enjoy my selection of suggested recipes for Pork.


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