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English Party Conferences

Every year, regardless of the state of the nation the political parties all go of and have a party conference. Eastbourne, Brighton, Manchester, Birmingham and other cities around the country are invaded by the members, the media, the protesters, the lobbyists and all the rest of the hangers-on. A few days of talking hot air, making speeches that can make or break them, sending out signals to the voters about why they are the chosen ones and spending a vast sum of money to do so. Years ago I remember sitting down and watching them on TV, a few years later I was down to reading about it in the papers, and now….well now I could not give a monkeys what they say or what they are up to.
What is interesting thought is that following the recent Labour conference is that it had a 10 point impact on the opinion polls. Why? I really do not understand the thought process of the great British public. Browns wife introduces him to the stage, and for some weird reason in the make up of the people of this wonderful nation, that makes him a great man and someone we can now trust. Doh! The next day a leading minister, albeit one who seems to have gone from one cock-up to the next, "resigned" in a Labour sort of way and yet all we really hear about is the kiss between Mr Brown and his wife, and, what a nice genuine man he must really be because she told us so.
By the time I publish this piece the other lot will have had theirs, and I guess we will have had the pleasure and reassurance of their better halves that they too are really good honest types, so the lead will possible go back up.
But where is the substance, where is the policy, where are the ideas, the leadership and the inspiration that these conferences should be about. Am I alone in just wanting facts. Am I alone in not wanting the gimmicks, the soundbites, the "made-for-TV" headlines?
Across the pond, stateside, the two parties are gearing up for an election, American in all its democratic wonder. And there we will see hype on a scale that only the Americans can produce. They are the masters of the hype game, they really do understand the power of the media, and fully understand the importance of it. An American who wants to be President needs millions of dollars just to get nominated and millions more to have any hope of winning. But Britain is not like that, or at least it should not be like that. They say when the US of A sneezes the UK catches a cold, and that may be true but that still does not mean we have to follow them on everything. And politics, or at least the selling of politics & politicians, is definitely something we should avoid following them.
Please Mr. Politician give us ideas, leadership, inspiration and if you are really brave then the truth, the facts and the solutions. We are grown ups, we can take it.           

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