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Arsenal Players

Over the years some very special footballers have played for Arsenal Football Club, and as a fan I have my own favourites, Brady, Petrovic, Thomas, Rocky, Bould, Henry, George, to name but a few. My first Arsenal FC hero was George Armstrong, a flying little winger who I only really saw on TV. In some ways he was the first reason I started supporting the Arsenal, he is the one who started my addiction to the boys in red and white.

Of course over the years my number 1 hero has changed, when one player replace another that can happen, it does not lesson the love you have for a certain player, it just means someone else is raised even higher. However today’s greatest hero I doubt will ever be replaced, I honestly doubt that anyone could ever get close, and this is a feeling I have never had before. Today’s number 1 is Mr Bergkamp, the ice man, DB10, God, the greatest player that ever kicked a ball, the best footballer that ever walked the earth. Dennis Bergkamp is for me not only the greatest Arsenal player, but the greatest footballer ever.

One aspect of today’s Arsenal is the understanding we Arsenal fans of our younger player, at this club with the Carling Cup and last season the Youth Cup we get to see quite a bit of the kids at the Arsenal and that is something I like. The hype is all about Jack Wilshire, he is the one that most people feel will really make it and could seriously become a star. He has been likened to the wonderful Liam Brady and that really is quite a compliment. But like so many before, we will just have to wait and see. However for me, I think the real prospect at the Arsenal, at that level is a player called Emmanuel Frimpong, a tough tackling holding midfielder, I think he could seriously be a player, and I hope an Arsenal player, and for this season if I was the manager of a Division 1 team I would really try and get him on loan.

As I write this, in June 09, the first of this season new players has been signed, Belgian international Thomas Vermaelen. He cost around £10m and although only 23 he is quite experienced, comes from a good footballing club in Ajax, and although he was not high on my wish list does appear to be a strong first signing. I do however hope that he is the first of a few, but I guess we will have to wait and see.

However here is the thing, it is not just anybody who can play for Arsenal, well not just anyone can be a star at the Arsenal, you must have a certain attitude. At some clubs you have to have “style”, or a “swagger”, but to be an Arsenal Player you have to have the right Attitude. Yes as a club we have had a few donkeys, in my view we still do, but as a player if you understand this club, the history of this club, the meaning of the Arsenal, then regardless you can be a great Arsenal player. It is just the way it is. Some players who weren’t particularly great “footballers” will always be remembered extremely fondly because they had that Arsenal attitude, Willie Young, Steve Walford, David Price, and Sylvain Wiltord to name but a few.

So on this section of I have my individual Arsenal player pages, some players just deserve that individual highlight, I hope you enjoy.

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