I am a part of all that I have met and all I have met is a part of me.
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Philosophy & Me

The world today is a wash with copious philosophies, there is a multitude of new and old, there are philosophies and just about everything this world has to offer, from the way to think, to feel and to be, to how to play the game, succeed in business, woo a lover or cook your food. So it is that the world has become one over-run in philosophers or is it that the core/pure meaning of the word has been hijacked in some way. I really don’t know the answer, however I am sure some philosopher somewhere would have a theory on the question.

This section of my site, will, I know, be the hardest to write. I just do not feel I have the literacy skill to put into words, or down on paper, my deepest philosophy. I do feel I have such a thing inside me, I know I am a thinker and I know I am a doer. I know I look at things in some ways differently to others, I know I see things differently, and I know when I talk to myself I explain things differently to what I hear from others.

I have no idea if I will ever get around to explaining the meaning of life, I am not sure I will ever be able to even explain the meaning of my life, but I do hope to find the words to at least explain and tell the world my meanings to certain aspects of the world as I find it and the part I as an individual play in it. Through this section of PaulKavanagh.com I have at the very least built the platform for me to try.

I have on my site another section which is called my Phrontistery, that is my thinking place, and it is where I can think and talk about anything that comes into my mind, but the difference with this section is this is the one where I will at least try and explain my thinking and try and put into words my philosophy.


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