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Personality Tests

A short while ago I was asked to take a psychometric test for a job I was applying for. I have always been a little sceptical of these sort of things. While I know and respect that there is a science behind these sort of things and that a lot of companies swear by the results, I just have had this doubt. The reason behind my doubt is based on my belief that all of us have a multitude of aspects of who we are.

I have always felt multi-layered, some days I feel different, some places I feel different. One aspect of my character I believe I have is that I tend to blend into the circumstance I find myself in. Equally, if something is happening in my life I know I feel different, so for me there are just too many separate elements that impact on who we are from one moment to the next. Yes the basic principals of who you are should, and possible do, always remain the same, and maybe that is what these tests do find, but I do wonder.

Anyway despite my doubts I had to do the test and so I did. The results were very interesting and I agreed with the majority of the outcome, but not with it all, I would say about 80% of it. But it got me thinking and so over the past few weeks I have sourced a few other online tests and taking them. So on PaulKavanagh.com I have decided to post them all up and let others see just who and what these tests say I am.  Collectively it makes for interesting reading, well it does for me at least.


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