And in the end it is not the years in your life that counts, it is the life in your years

Paula Walker

1.      Do you have a story about Paul Kavanagh?

My favourite story about the old man was how he helped my fella get a job at a hotel he was working at. I have no idea how he made the position appear, or how he managed to get my man in, he was not as qualified as he should have been, but somehow Paul managed to do it and it changed our lives.

2.      What are Paul Kavanagh’s best 3 qualities?

His loyalty is his greatest quality, he has a manner about him that shows how loyal a friend he is and I love him for it. Besides that I guess his laughter and his friendship would be the other two.

3.      What are Paul Kavanagh’s worst 3 qualities?

I really can’t think of one, but as I have to then I guess his joke telling, his refusal to accept help from others, and the fact that I met him after I met my husband.

4.      Has Paul Kavanagh ever made you smile? Please explain

The boss was always making me smile, both with his jokes but even more so with his compliments, he had a way of making me feel really good about myself and it always made me smile.

5.      Say what you think Paul Kavanagh could do better in his life?

I would love it if Paul won the euroLottery and then bought his own hotel, it would be the only hotel in the world i would leave my current for as I would love to work for the old man.

6.      Have you ever eaten Paul Kavanagh’s cooking? Was it any good?

Yes I have and it was really tasty, nearly as tasty as he is, but not quite.

7.      What was it like working with Paul Kavanagh?

I loved my time working with Paul. He became a friend as well as the best boss, mentor and leader. I know i am bias, but PK was the bestest boss ever.

8.      Has Paul Kavanagh ever taught you anything? What?

Paul taught me so much and i love him for it all, my career and the success I have had is all down to what Paul taught me. But more than anything else Paul showed me just how important it is to be loyal to your friend, oh and the other thing that I really like is that he showed me how valuable good manners are. 

9.      If Paul Kavanagh ruled the world, would you want to live in that world?

I would be the first in the queue to sign up.

10.  Is this the silliest thing on Paul Kavanagh’s website?

Without question it is certainly one of the silliest things, but I think his section on his TV stardom is the number one silly thing.


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