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This was the real highlight of 2008, finally getting around to launching my website was a real personal plus point this year. I bought the domain name many years ago, but had never really gotten round to putting g the effort in to the building and publishing of the site. Although I sort of knew what it was I wanted, I certainly never realised or envisaged the site I have today.

The inspiration for this website lies with my father. He used to have scrapbooks, collections of his own writing, press cuttings, articles and other bits and bobs in a serious collection. It was made up of things that appealed to him, things that in some way connected to him, to his life, to his thoughts. Of course that was a long time before the world wide web, so scrapbooks were his domain. And it was this that inspired me and gave me the basis on which to build and develop

The site will never be finished, it can never be, and that is the wonder of it. No matter how many pages I publish, there will always be the next thing, maybe even the next section to be worked on, to be written, and of course some sections will just grow and evolve as time passes. But as I get to the end of 2008, the end of the year I finally published my website, and I have to say I am really pleased with how it has gone. The site now has just over 250 pages, across the 12 sections and has had just over 8000 visits. I have a number of page one positions on Google already and know that the site can only continue to grow.

I have plans for certain changes to the site for next year, one will be the addition of advertising onto the site, possible something like Google Adwords, I also want to add at yeast 3 new sections, My Philosophy, Thoughts from Me and the hardest My Gallery. Two of the sections are already being done, and some pages are already up, but the Gallery which will be somewhere to publish my paintings and my photography will be more difficult to do.

Maybe I should set myself a goal for the site for next year, and I think it should be a challenge, so I hereby set the goal for the site, that I want to pass 100,000 visitors by this time next year. That is a real challenge but one well worth aiming for.

Finally thank you to all those that helped me, Koos, Maya, and the great un-named at WebFactory. Thank you also to those that have inspired certain pages, and finally thank you to those who have found my site, clicked on and had a read, I really hope whoever you are you enjoyed it, found something interesting and found some use from  


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