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Top 10 Films

Top 10 Films

I love the movies, but am not in any way a film expert or film snob. I like movies to help me escape, to take me out of my life and into someone else’s. I am not that big into the arty films, or usually the ones that win Oscars or get all the acclaim, in some ways I am not really into films I have to think about, or that I have to analyse or think too much about. I guess you could say I am a lazy film going, just give me exactly what I expect and I will be fine with that.

1.       Fever Pitch

The story of part of the greatest year of my life, also a movie that I am in!, but for me it is just such a great story, not the love interest stuff, but the football elements of the film.

2.       Quadrophenia

This was for me possible the first real grown up movie I ever saw, it was just so cool and something I could relate to. I was not a mod or rocker, I was a Rude Boy, so closer to the Mods, but just loved the film

3.       Hero

Any and every Jet Li film could have made my Top 10 Films list, but Hero is possible the best of the whole series, beautifully shot, wonderful images, amazing scenes, the film just has it all for me.

4.       Rocky 1-5

The whole series is for me the ultimate “escape” movie experience. Sure the acting would never win an Oscar, but that is not what they are about. Great feel good, chill out, cheer him along movies, and I loved them all.

5.       Cool Runnings

Based on the true story, but for me the film is just so much fun. “Senca ya dead?” will live long in the memory. Funny, fun, laugh along, and then cry your eyes out and cheer out loud.

6.       New Jack City

At the time I loved the music, loved the whole gang culture, deep dark and nasty film, sad and depressing.

7.       Schindler’s List

Maybe the only film on my list that would ever be on someone else’s Top 10. Great story, wonderful acting, great filming. A wonderful film about the story of an ever more wonderful man.

8.       The Nightmare before Christmas

Fun, fun, fun. Loved the music, loved the magic of the story and the story-telling. The perfect film for any 10 year old, and I love it for being just that.

9.       Geisha

Sometimes I do wonder if I was reborn from a world connected to the world of this film. The culture, the meaning, just seem to mean so much to me.

10.   The Football Factory

This was a time in my life, a time where the meaning behind this story was something I could really relate to.


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