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Review of 2008

Review of the year 2008

This year will always be dominated by the death of my beloved mum, the effects of it, the emotions of it and the pain of it. It was also a year where my working life ended up being an unpleasant rollercoaster, which ended up with me being out of work during the worst recession for many a year. Football and my Arsenal did not really provide me with too many highlights, and two special people left my life. 2008 was in a lot of ways a very bad year, a painful year, it was a year when I found out who my friends really were, it was a year when I found out quite a lot about myself.

Winston Churchill once said, “when the going gets tough, keep going” and I have to say that for me that has to be the quote that I end this year with. For all the bad stuff of 2008, the simple fact remains that 2009 will follow and that has to be a better year. I know of course that 09 could be in some ways ever worse, but as I write this, on the morn of New Years Eve, I think the time has come for some real PMA, positive mental attitude. I have to believe that 09 will be better and have to ensure that I do all I can to make it so.

On these pages of my site I do a review of the past year, broken down into some of the various sections of my life. I know as always I could have covered so much more, I know as always I should have typed more words, I certainly should have done other sections, and I know I will have forgotten events or people that touched me in the year. Michael B, Rachel, Blaire & Ivy Belle, John S, Maya & Koos, Robert, Harish & Susan, Paul G, Meir, Babak, Dorota, Elisa, Magdalena, Boyd, Denisa and especially Katherine, Agatha & Allison, Alain T, Nicola, Raja, Sam, David, Sylvia, Jodi, all the ladies of the society, Grant, Marina, Jenny C, Ghislaine as always, David, Ronan, Shane, Barbara, Carol, and of course those whose names I don’t remember, a funeral director, a priest, a whole University and a genuine housekeeper to name a few, finally two extra special women who are always there, keeping me sane and insane in equal measure. All these people played a part in my year. Some showed their true colours of friendship, some lied to me, some let me down, some picked me up, some were there in my deepest moments, some made promises they could not keep, some made me laugh when I needed to most, some led me down the wrong path, some were there to help me find a way back, some will always be there and finally some I will thankfully never meet again.

I think in a year’s time, when I do this review for 2009, it will be very interesting to look back on these pages, to see what connects them, see what has changed, in what areas I have moved on, what ideas have come to fruition and which ones have drifted away, to see the people in my life, I think that is one of the real joys of doing My site is without doubt one of the real highlights of the year, finally seeing it up and published, seeing people come onto the site, seeing the pages and visitors grow has been a real joy, and provided me with a purpose, thank you Koos, Maya and the team at WF.


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