And in the end it is not the years in your life that counts, it is the life in your years

Part 4 of my Life

Part 4 is the start of my second half, the next 20 years

Go forth into the unknown and enjoy, explore, engage and discover, maybe this should be the motto for the next 20 years of the life and time of me, Paul Kavanagh. However for some reason I have this feeling that my life over this next stage may be a little less adventurist that say the first half was. But I also feel that when I do the unusual I will get more from it, enjoy it more and feel enriched from it more than ever before. So maybe the motto should be “less is more” !

In this year I have left a great job, lost a rotten job, my daughter left home to go to University and my Mum died. Arsenal have had mixed fortunes, and I myself have not for a very long time felt so low. But somehow I feel all that is conspiring to convince me that maybe one more reinvention is what is required. I have reinvented myself a number of times previously. I look at them as shifts rather than start overs, but to a lot of people they are complete changes.  And maybe, just maybe, the time has come for one more.

A reinvention can take things from one persona onto the next, I have done that before, but sometimes the best shifts are when you start completely fresh. So maybe this time I need to leave hotels, leave sales, leave every aspect of my working life thus far and move to something totally different. But what? Well that really is the difficult part of any reinvention. I would never have thought I would have travelled the world to do business, but I did, I would never have thought I would have been a General Manager, but I was, so really for me I believe anything is possible. I can do just about anything if I am let. And now my only hesitation is the age factor, I have to respect the fact that I am not a teenager or just starting out.

This is a time where I would love to have a job of meaning, something that is not just all about the money, and by that I do not mean my money, but the business money. I think I would like something that the result on people is more important that the money they create. I also want to have in the second half of life more creativity, I really think things like my cooking, my poetry, painting and something new will be the things that perhaps dominate my life. Yes I want to continue with the TV stuff, I enjoy that, and yes I want to try some different things with regard to TV, but I also feel I will need something not yet on the list, but what it will be only yer man knows. I do really believe that travel won’t play a part, well not unless I win the lottery, but perhaps something like photography might, I have dabbled there before.

So as I start on Part 4 of my life, or the second half, there is one thing for sure, just like so much of the first half it will be built on a basis of the unknown. Just as with most of my life thus far, I will be doing whatever it is from a starting point of not have a clue just what to do. They say if you fail to plan, you plan to fail, and so maybe that is one of my life’s biggest issues, because I really have never planned my life, and even right now I still do not have a plan. So there it is, the starting point to Paul Kavanagh part 4, make a plan.....   


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