And in the end it is not the years in your life that counts, it is the life in your years

Part 3 of my Life

Part 3 would be from my late 20’s to today in my mid-forties

The Hotel years.... Yes this was the period in my life that was dominated by my life in the world of Hotels. After the time spent travelling around the world I wanted something different. I had travelled so much and sick to the back teeth of staying in hotel after hotel, so the last thing i thought would be for me was working in those weird places, but for me I was the poacher about to turn game-keeper. I certainly always knew just what it was like to be a guest, what was expected, what was needed, and what it was that the guest saw. So selling the dam things should be easy.

I started in hotels as a sales person, and a lot of my hotel life has been related to the sales aspect. However t possible the most rewarding, the most enjoyable has been when I have had to be involved in the operational aspects. For some almost unexplainable reasons I have always enjoyed that service element, the pleasure from helping someone, the extremes of what can happen, all those wonderful experiences of hotel life are what has given me just so much pleasure.

During these working days I have had to deal with death, with birth, and with just about every other aspect of life. I have met celebrities, even world superstars, I have served Mr & Mrs Average, been shouted at, attacked, abused, threatened, kissed, hugged, laughed at and with, been touched by the wonder of people and always been amazed. Hotels are a life in their own right and so it is natural that working in them gives you a real insight into almost every aspect of human life.

This period of my life was also the time that Arsenal gave me the best of times and possible the worst. During this time my Arsenal has changed, changed beyond recognition, and changed in ways that are not fully for the better. It certainly is the time that Arsenal have been the most successful, it is certainly the time when being an Arsenal fan has been easiest and most enjoyable. But the influence of money on football the influence of the business world on the beautiful game has diluted my feelings for it. Yes I would go so far as to say that sometimes I could even wish that Arsenal was not the huge beast it is today but was more akin to the Arsenal of old. This was a time when my beloved Highbury closed and was knocked down, that hurt me so much. I miss the old ground, I miss the romance and stature of the place, and no where will ever replace my love for the old place. On the plus side of Arsenal, this was the time of Dennis Bergkamp, my greatest ever hero, and that almost means any downside is ignorned because of the joy of Mr. Bergkamp.

Of course this was also the time when the world I live in has possible changed more than at any other time, inventions like the mobile, and of course the internet has impacted on my life. Today I can write my life and publish it on and that is something that really impacts on who I am. I have enjoyed the internet, enjoyed learning about it and using both for personal and work related reasons. I think also in aspects of life such as politics that the world has changed, everything during this period seems so quick and so short-term. Which of course is not something that sits comfortable with me.

Looking back on the period it is hard to define if it was a good time or a time once again of missed opportunity. It certainly was a time when I lived and experienced life. It was the time I started to get involved in TV, and was seen on TV a few times. MasterChef was possibly my favourite, Football Factory was my biggest audience, Hotelsex my most embarrassing and the Heist the most interesting. This was also the time in my life for my cooking passion has started and really grown. So when I look at Part 3 of the life of Paul Kavanagh I can clearly see that it was a time where my addiction to things new took on a different twist, and so maybe in that are clues towards what will happen in the second half of my life.


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