And in the end it is not the years in your life that counts, it is the life in your years

Part 2 of my Life

Part 2 would be the first 10 years in London

For it was the best of times, for it was the worst, those first ten years had so much. They contained the best ever year of my life, they contained the two best single days of my life, they contained one of the most painful years of my life, they had it all and looking back, I grew up, I lived life to its possible fullest, I travelled the world, I saw so much, experienced so much, tasted life, and drank from the fountain of pleasure. If experiences provide you with knowledge then in those years I passed my MA, BA, Phd and every other life achievement and all through the experience of life.

In those years I travelled across the globe, country after country, city after city, US state after US state, I saw the riches of the world and I saw the squalor. So often staying in the world’s best hotels, flying first class, living on company expenses, eating in the best restaurants, and experiencing all this world has to offer. During those times I also learned so much about Paul Kavanagh, I pushed myself into situations that I really should not, I tried things I really should have ever done, but in hindsight I loved it, and most importantly I learned so much from it all.

However this was also the period of my life that gave me the second worst time and feeling of my life. That first year in London was painful, it was dreadful, it was sad, and above all showed me the real meaning of being alone. I cried myself to sleep so often that even now I can clearly remember the taste of my own tear. I never thought it would end, I never thought I would make it through that time. And in some ways I am so glad it took me as long as it did. You see the only way to live to is live to appreciate, and everything after that year, after that experience, I appreciated. Maybe sometimes too much, but I had known pain, and now I wanted pleasure, and I really wanted to enjoy it.

I also learned the real meaning of Love during those years, the joy and the pain, the pure friendship of it, the wonder of it, and the fact that to really enjoy pure love you had to invest time and effort in to keeping it. And I learned that sometimes I was not the best at putting that effort in. However maybe that was the final and most conclusive way I learned the power of real love, because despite the fact that I myself was not always the best at giving back, I still kept that love in my life.

From a work point of view I started in the retail world, was successful, learned some very valuable base skills that would serve me well throughout my working life and enjoyed the friendships that were generated during that time. But after that I entered a world that would really change my life. I moved into the media, into selling advertising. First locally in London, but then globally and it was this time that was to really impact on the life of Paul Kavanagh. I travelled the world, selling to so many different people, from New York advertising agencies, to Ministers in countries like India, Pakistan and across the Middle East. I saw first hand life in countries Jordan, Cuba, Japan, Estonia and right the way across the USA. The comparisons, the differences, the diversity of life styles, the meaning of lives, the way of doing business, the culture of the global business world, everything was a learning curve, everything was a new life experience. Day in day out, I was growing as a man and it was spectacularly enjoyable.

Work dominated my life, sometimes to the detriment of everything else, and this was a trait of me that has continued. I live to work, rather than work to live, but I am conscious of that and I prefer it like that. However this was also the time that of my life that a real meaning for it came into it. And the joy of having that responsibility has influenced me greatly and continues to do so.

Part 2 of the life and times of Paul Kavanagh was a time of learning, a period of personal growth, it was the time that most influenced the person I am today, and on the whole was possible the best years of my life.


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