No matter where you go or what you do, you live your entire life within the confines of your head.
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My Phrontistery

My Phrontistery

The dictionary definition for this word is a place for study and/or learning, the modern meaning of the word and the one more commonly associated is that a Phrontistery is a “thinking place” and it is that meaning that I use this wonderful word for. The idea and concept that each of us finds a place for the sole purpose of thinking is for me such a superb idea.

Of course each and every day all of us think, sometimes about serious stuff, most of the time about silly stuff, a part of the time about things like family, work, hobbies and friends, a bit of time on subjects like the meaning of life or who or what we are. But all of us do think and for me thinking is one of life’s great pleasures and most rewarding activities.

Like everyone else I spend time thinking, maybe unlike others I do spend copious amounts of time thinking and so for me, I have always had a place for that. Okay so over the years that place has changed, that place as altered as my life has. But at all points in my life I have wanted and needed to organise both a time and a place for the sole purpose of thinking. It can of course be a slightly selfish activity, but there is nothing wrong with that, however now via I find myself in a place and time where I can do both the thinking aspect and the sharing aspect of my thinking. And this section of my website will grow to be a record of my thoughts. I love this modern world and just what it now provides us the ability to do.

Thinking as an activity is for me about a number of different things, creative thinking, thinking skills, thinking about issues, ideas, moments, thinking of you, thinking about others, thinking about poems or quotes, trying to think positively and critical thinking, but also thinking about fun, laughter, and pleasure. So what I would say to anyone reading this is this, go out and find your own Phrontistery, your own think place, and do something that is just so wonderfully good for you. Challenge your thoughts, go deeper, and learn.


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