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My Travels

“Travel broadens the mind”, “see the world, see life” are sayings that a long long time ago I never really thought would apply to me. As a kid back in Dublin I never really had a travel bug, or any real desire to travel. I had been to England quite a few times, had been to both Amsterdam and germany as a kid, but no really addiction to travel seems to be with me.

However years later, having moved to London two things were to change that, my total addiction to Arsenal Football Club and my working life. So from the age of 22 I started to really travel. I travelled to watch the Arsenal, mainly all over Europe, and at the same time started to travel for my work, America, Asia, Middle East, the Sub-continent and Europe. I was racking up cities, states and countries at a serious pace. In one year making over 200 flights, sometimes two in a day, I was seeing the world, broadening my mind, living the life in the fast lane, changing who I thought I was, experiencing different cultures, eating so many weird and wonderful foods and mainly all on expenses.

This section of the site will grow as I try and post up a page on each place I have visited. My favourites like Cuba, America, Asia, and the Middle East, also the places I hated and would never want to revisit, India, Pakistan, and Africa. Now I know that some people love places I dislike, and vice versa, and I believe I am entitled to dislike somewhere, but I hope that via these pages i will be able to explain the reasons behind using a word like hate.

I am a Dubliner by birth, a Londoner by choice, and to be honest I cannot ever see myself living anywhere else, however having now seen so much of the world I know places I could live in, Cuba, New Zealand, certain States in the US but not all, and Tallinn in Estonia would all be places I know I could call home, and be very happy.

On my Facebook page there is an application where by you list all the places you have been and then it calculates the percentage of the world you have visited. I have been to 82 countries, 29 states in the US and easily more than 300 cities around the world, and according to that application I have now been to 42% of the world. I don’t think I will ever pass the 50% mark, well not unless I win the lottery, which is a shame, but I know I have seen this planet and it certainly has expanded my mind, even the bad bits.

With Arsenal, travel is normally very different, football club travel is something very different, in a lot of cases you are herded both in and out of a city, no chance to see the place, meet the people, eat the food, but that is not always the case and one of my greatest journeys was to watch the Arsenal in Milan. The drive to and from was a real adventure, the English version of the great American road trip. But more of that and others later....


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