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My Top 10's

My Top 10’s

The world wide web is full of lists, it has lists for just about anything and everything, and so I should be no different, no need to reinvent the wheel with this one. Once upon a time I build a site called Top10London, and it contained a set of Top 10 lists on all my favourite London things, bars, shops, restaurants, hotels, all sorts of different things, and the site did quite well. But here is it more a personal set.

I will be having all sorts of Top 10’s, from football, TV show’s, food, restaurants, countries, cities, and even life experiences. As I have said before on my site this website will always be a “work in progress” thing, it will never be finished, never be completed, and this section is without doubt one that I will never finish, equally it is one that can change as life goes on and new things happen in life. An example of what I mean would be my Top 10 Arsenal players list, today there is no way Theo Walcott or Jack Wilshire would make my list, however in five years time they could both be right up there, so the point I am making is that always read the date it was written and understand that this was my Top 10 list on that day, and that all lists are subject to alteration.

One thing that can be quite hard with a Top 10 list is the cap of 10, you can’t have 11 on a Top 10 list, so one thing I have found with some of these list is the issue of stopping at 10 and then wanting to change the list after you have remembered someone or something else.


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